The MOMS Club offers a wide variety of events and activities. We welcome new ideas for our activities and encourage all members to host an event each month, which could be as simple as meeting people at a park.

Here are some MOMS Club of SJSR activities and Sub Clubs:


At our Year End Banquet we celebrate another year of MOMS Club success. A volunteer committee of our moms put together a fun evening filled with food, games, decorations, and laughter. 
Our annual Item Swap is always a big hit for moms and kids. After the New Year, we bring in clothes, toys, household items, baby gear, etc. that we no longer use and swap them out for something "new" that another mom has brought. All remaining items are donated to a local charity that supports women and children.
Here are a few of our awesome moms and kids at the Mommy and Me on the Row event getting the word out about our club and what it has to offer. We are a valuable source of friendship and support for all moms, but especially those who are adjusting to motherood for the first time.
Anyone intereasted in becoming a member is welcome to check us out at our Monthly Meeting and Social. We discuss old and new club business and then hang around and chat while the kids play. Bonus- when the meeting is over, they learn how to help clean up!
Moms' Night Out
Every mom needs a break, so once a month a mom volunteers to "host" our Moms' Night Out.  Whether it's dinner, bowling, a movie, dancing, or just a simple scrapbook or game night we all look forward to this event.

New Member Tea
Our New Member Teas are held each month at a member's home. The tea is to welcome our new moms and children and give them a chance to meet other members in the chapter.

Park Days and Play Dates
Members love to get out to the area parks by scheduling park days. Members also host play dates at their homes. Past themed play dates have included bike and trike day, garden dig, dinosaurs and costume dress ups.

Coffee Connection
Join our moms for a cup of your favorite coffee or perhaps a pastry.  This event is perfect for moms with kids in school who find themselves with extra time; or bring those kiddies along too!

Recipe Club
Once a month, the Recipe Club gets together to share and discuss recipes around a revolving theme. Topics can range from slow cook dishes and easy holiday recipes to picky eaters or potluck favorites. Moms are welcome to bring a dish to share but it is not required.

Field Trips and Outings
Members regularly schedule outings that both moms and children enjoy such as a trip to the one of the 3 local zoos, the beach, an art museum, stroller walks at parks, or coffee or lunch outings. There may also be a special tour of an ice cream shop or a pizza parlor field trip where the children can make their own creations after getting a behind-the-scenes look at how these places run. 

Fitness Club
Get moving with a stroller walk or hike. Share exercise tips and videos and look to your fellow moms for motivation!

Babysitting Swap
Need a sitter? Arrange opportunities to swap babysitting services with another mom so you can run an errand, go to an appointment, or have a date night.

Parties and Family Events
A few times a year we have festive holiday parties. Our most popular is the Halloween party where dads are welcome as well. 

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